Winter Committee

2022 Winter Committee

  • Chairman- Willy Watsabaugh
  • Secretary/Treasurer- Teresa Schrader
  • Board Liaison- Joe LeDuc

Winter Participation Fee

At least $400 per household

payable to Winter Committee & mail to:

Winter Committee
c/o Hoback Ranches SID
P.O. Box 33
Bondurant, WY 82922-0033

2020-2021 Winter Access Plan

This amended 2020-2021 Winter Access Plan for Hoback Ranches is adopted for the purpose of providing for safe snow removal within Hoback Ranches, minimizing driving risks to residents and the general public, and preventing road damage to road surfaces, culverts or ditches due to snow removal activity.

Snow Removal

Primary Plowed Road

  • Primary Road Plowed from Hwy 191 to designated parking lot at Rim & Skyline

Secondary Roads are approved when requested with two specific requirements:

  1. Winter Committee Plowing Waiver is signed and submitted to a Winter Committee member.
  2. Secondary Road plowers must adhere to all plowing conditions stipulated in the Winter Plan and must “STOP” plowing when the committee determines road conditions are unsafe.


  • The only designated parking area for use by residents and visitors is located at the corner of Rim Road and Skyline Drive.

Winter Committee Plowing Waiver