Winter Committee

2023 Winter Committee

  • Chairman- Willy Watsabaugh
  • Secretary/Treasurer- Teresa Schrader
  • Board Liaison- Sam Sumrall 

Winter Participation Fee

At least $400 per household

payable to Winter Committee & mail to:

Winter Committee
c/o Hoback Ranches SID
P.O. Box 33
Bondurant, WY 82922-0033

2023-2024 Winter Access Plan

Snow Removal

Primary Plowed Road

  • Primary Road Plowed from Hwy 191 to designated parking lot at Rim & Skyline

Secondary Roads are approved when requested with two specific requirements:

  1. Winter Committee Plowing Waiver is signed and submitted to a Winter Committee member.
  2. Secondary Road plowers must adhere to all plowing conditions stipulated in the Winter Plan and must “STOP” plowing when the committee determines road conditions are unsafe.


  • The only designated parking area for use by residents and visitors is located at the corner of Rim Road and Skyline Drive.

Winter Committee Plowing Waiver